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Ewa Piatkowska

PhD Student (external)


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Cooperative and asynchronous stereo vision for dynamic vision sensors Dynamic vision sensors (DVSs) encode visual input as a stream of events generated upon relative light intensity changes in the scene. These sensors… E. Piatkowska, A. Belbachir, M. Gelautz Details


Asynchronous Stereo Vision for Event-Driven Dynamic Stereo Sensor Using an Adaptive Cooperative Approach This paper presents an adaptive cooperative approach towards the 3D reconstruction tailored for a bio-inspired depth camera: the stereo dynamic… E. Piatkowska, A. Belbachir, M. Gelautz Details


Spatiotemporal Multiple Persons Tracking Using Dynamic Vision Sensor Although motion analysis has been extensively investigated in the literature and a wide variety of tracking algorithms have been proposed, the… E. Piatkowska, A. Belbachir, S. Schraml, M. Gelautz Details