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Georg Gerstweiler

Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Bakk. — Position: Research Assistant


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0513 VRGroup - Extrecting Features of an Hololens Room Mesh Setup: Mobile Scanning Unit, Unity 3D Input: 2D Floorplan, Room Mesh Task: The targt of this porject is to extract a reasonabale feature vector of a… G. Gerstweiler Details
0512 Automated Generation of Virtual Reality Walkthroughs for Architectural Visualization The emerging field of virtual reality (VR) enables new opportunities for presenting indoor architectural scenes as immersive virtual environments. VR… H. Kaufmann, G. Gerstweiler, P. Kán Details
0507 VRGroup - Guiding people with 3D sound In this project it should be evaluated how 3D sound can be used to guide people in complex AR enabled indoor environments. G. Gerstweiler Details
0453 VRGroup - 3D Object Avoidance Setup: Structure Sensor, Indoor Tracking, Android / Unity 3D, PCL Aufgabe: Die Tiefendaten des Mobilen Setups sollen mit einem vereinfachten 3D… G. Gerstweiler Details
0450 VRGroup - Extending Structure Sensor with Tablet RGB Camera Setup: Android, Structure Sensor Kalibrierung, PCL, OpenCV Aufgabe (Anforderung variiert je nach ECTS): Kalibrieren des Kamerasetups (Tiefensensor… G. Gerstweiler Details
0449 VRGroup - Automatic Extraction and Reviewing of Image Markers Setup: Android + Tiefensensor Metaio SDK Aufgabe: Erkennen von merkmalsreichen planaren Flächen welche als „natural feature marker“ verwendet werden… G. Gerstweiler Details
0417 Augmented Reality Glasses for Tracking The main goal of this Practicum is to implement an interactive and collaborative AR application for two users using an AR glass and a smart phone,… G. Gerstweiler Details

In Progress

0469 VRGroup - Automatied 3D Building Model Generation for Virtual Reality Environments This topic is about the automated generation of a 3D house/apartment model. All the information about the 3D model will be given in a CAD or DXF… G. Gerstweiler Details
0454 VRGroup - Detecting Audiosources in 2D Setup. Plattform: Android, Arduino, Rasperry Pi oder Windows Aufgabe: Anhand von 2-3 Mikrofonen soll die Richtung von Geräuschen in 2D erkannt werden. G. Gerstweiler Details
0452 VRGroup - Low Profile Device for Guiding People in Indoor Environments Setup: Arduino / IMU / Compass / Motors Aufgabe: Designen und enwickeln von Hardware um Personen, ohne zu Hilfenahme von visuellen Output, durch… G. Gerstweiler Details
0451 VRGroup - Pathplanning in AR Environments Setup: Unity 3D Pfadplaung Aufgabe: Analysieren von verfügbaren Pfadplanungsalgorithmen. Planen von realistischen, begehbaren Pfaden in einer AR… G. Gerstweiler Details
0448 VRGroup - Mobile AR Path Visualization Setup: Mobile SLAM Tracking auf Moverio Glasses Unity 3D + Pathplanning Algorithmen (A*) Tracking mit Metaio SLAM Aufgabe: Designen und… G. Gerstweiler Details
0418 AR Navigation Visualization in Indoor Environments The goal of this topic is to implement and evaluate different AR visualization methods to guide a person to a destination. G. Gerstweiler Details


0419 Automaic Extraction of 2D Feature Marker Creating a mobile setup including a RGB-D camera and a smart phone in order to extract ideal 2D Feature markers in an indoor environment. G. Gerstweiler Details