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Tara Akhavan

PhD Student


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A Retargeting Approach for Mesopic Vision: Simulation and Compensation Retargeting approaches aim at providing a uni ed framework for image rendering in which both the intended scene luminance and the actual luminance of… M. Rezagholizadeh, T. Akhavan, A. Soudi, H. Kaufmann, J. Clark Details


IRYSTEC - perceptual display engine T. Akhavan: "IRYSTEC - perceptual display engine"; Talk: 4 th Automotive Platform Meeting, DFF - The German Flat Panel Display Forum e.V .,… T. Akhavan Details
Backward compatible HDR stereo matching: a hybrid tone-mapping-based framework Stereo matching under complex circumstances, such as low-textured areas and high dynamic range (HDR) scenes is an ill-posed problem. In this paper we… T. Akhavan, H. Kaufmann Details


Evaluation of LDR, Tone Mapped and HDR Stereo Matching Using Cost-volume Filtering Approach We present stereo matching solutions based on a fast costvolume filtering approach for High Dynamic Range (HDR) scenes. Multi-exposed stereo images… T. Akhavan, H. Yoo, M. Gelautz Details
Stereo HDR Disparity Map Computation Using Structured Light In this paper, we present work in progress towards the generation of a ground truth data set for High Dynamic Range (HDR) stereo matching. The… T. Akhavan, C. Kapeller, J. Cho, M. Gelautz Details


A framework for HDR stereo matching using multi-exposed images Real world scenes that contain high dynamic range illumination present a special challenge for stereo matching algorithms due to a lack of texture in… T. Akhavan, H. Yoo, M. Gelautz Details