Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Mobile Environment Map Capturing

Master Thesis

About This Topic

Current development of mobile hardware can turn mobile devices to efficient tools for capturing and reconstruction of the real world. This reconstructed information can be later reused for rendering in virtual or augmented reality. Important part of the rendering for virtual and augmented environments is the natural lighting by using environment maps. The environment map can serve as a source of information about natural lighting. Thus, the fast and user friendly environment maps creation is of high importance for VR and AR applications.

This thesis will focus on capturing, stitching and reconstruction of environment maps by the current mobile devices. The need of high dynamic range (HDR) image data appears during the lighting using environment maps. Thus the limited low dynamic range (LDR) capabilities of mobile devices have to be overcome. The main goals of this thesis will be to develop new algorithms for high-quality HDR environment maps capturing and to create an efficient implementation of these algorithms.