Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Mobile Virtual Reality for Multipe User

Master Thesis

About This Topic

This topic aims at creating a multi-user immersive Virtual Reality (VR) system that provides

* 3D stereoscopic viewing with a mobile head mounted display (HMD)

* Navigation in the virtual environment by natural walking using an omni-directional treadmill

* 3D virtual object interaction with a game pad

As HMD, the Samsung GearVR will be used and Cyberith Virtualizer as treadmill. As first step, these upcoming hardware components need to be integrated into an existing VR framework. As a second step, the hard- and software system is extended to provide a distributed multi-user virtual environment.

We are looking for highly motivated students with a solid background in programming and computer graphics. We provide you with the chance to work with the latest VR hardware and a topic to gain a deeper understanding in immersive virtual reality.

Programming: C#, C/C++

SDKs/Platforms: Unity3D, Android, Windows

Hardware: Samsung GearVR, Cyberith Virtualizer