Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Virtual Reality Content for the TU Jumpcube

Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis, or Practicum

About This Topic

Develop 3D and multimedia content for the TU Jumpcube project. Please use Unity or Unreal to develop scenes of 3-5min length including the following phases: (1) Ready for starting, (2) jumping out/into something or somewhere, (3) horizontal flying over a changing landscape for approx three minutes, (4) vertical flying for approx one minute, (5) some kind of landing. Develop a story that spans and develops over theses phases. Possible topics include (but are not limited to): (1) Traveling through the human body, (2) war parachuting, (3) Dante's Commedia, (4) The Dude's dream (from the movie The Big Lebowski), (5) flying over a mountain scene, etc. Please pick just one of these topics and develop a proper skybox, terrain, models on the ground and in the sky, background music & sounds, if required, a narrator, etc. We provide flight control, body tracking, an avatar and the hardware setup of the Jumpcube. If necessary, budget for 3D object libraries can be provided on a small scale.