Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Automated Generation of Virtual Reality Walkthroughs for Architectural Visualization

Master Thesis or Practicum

About This Topic

The emerging field of virtual reality (VR) enables new opportunities for presenting indoor architectural scenes as immersive virtual environments. VR enables to experience the spaces which would not be easily possible to experience in real world, e.g. remote locations, buildings under the construction, or quickly furnished interiors.

The main goal of this work will be to develop a system for automated generation of VR walkthroughs of interior scenes. This system will use the floorplan of the interior scene as an input and it will automatically generate the geometry of the scene and furnish this interior scene by the 3D models of furniture. Two existing implementations, previously developed by VRGroup, will be joined in this thesis: (1) Implementation of 3D geometry generation from the floor plan and (2) implementation of automated furniture arrangement. Additionally, the exploration of the generated interior scenes in an immersive VR setup will be investigated. This setup will include head-mounted display HTC Vive and locomotion device Virtualizer. The implementation will be done in Unreal Engine. Finally, the results will be evaluated in a user study.