Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Alexander Pacha

Univ. Lektor Dr. techn. BSc M.Sc. with honours — Position: Lecturer


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My name is Alexander Pacha and I am a University Lecturer at the TU Wien. For my PhD, I conducted research in the field of Optical Music Recognition in the DeepOMR project. I am also working as a Software Engineer at Zühlke Engineering (Austria) and as trainer for Clean Code.

I am also a passionate musician and hobby composer with some of my work listed on my personal website, which also explains my interest in Optical Music Recognition as the bridge between music and software engineering. I am also singing in the TU Wien Chor and the a-capella Ensemble Routes and Roots.

Please note, that my current affiliation inside the TU Wien changed to the Institute of Information Systems Engineering.

ORCID: 0000-0002-6064-7696, Google Scholar