Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Interactive Media Systems,
Vienna University of Technology

The Interactive Media Systems Group (“IMS”) dedicates its work to fundamental research and education in the area of multimedia.

By multimedia we mean true interaction with complementary and multi-modal information rather than simple aggregation of media pieces. Our main areas of work are virtual and augmented reality, and video and multimedia processing.

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Wissen Sie wie laut Ihre Umgebung ist? Gemeinsam mit Sophisystems (Sophisticated System Engineering) entwickelten ForscherInnen am Institut für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme die… More
Open PhD position in the field of video mining The Interactive Media Systems Group is seeking to recruit a research assistant in the field of video retrieval. For more details on the position… More
Hannes Kaufmann wins Kardinal Innitzer Award 2013 Hannes Kaufmann got a young scientist award - Kardinal Innitzer Förderpreis - for his Habilitation and recent research.… More
Best Paper Award of MoMM 2013 Michael Leichtfried, Christoph Kaltenriner, Annette Mossel and Hannes Kaufmann won the best paper award at the 11th International Conference on… More
Tutorial on Image Matting at ICCV 2013 on December 1, 2013 in Sydney, Australia Margrit Gelautz and Ji-Ho Cho are co-organizing a tutorial on image matting at ICCV 2013 in Sidney, Australia. More details are available on the… More
Winner of the INiTS Award 2013 - 1st place in ICT The IMS team consisting of Hannes Kaufmann, Christian Schönauer, Emanuel Vonach and Georg Gerstweiler won the INiTS award (first place) in the… More

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