Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

The Interactive Media Systems Group (“IMS”) dedicates its work to fundamental research and education in the area of multimedia.

By multimedia we mean true interaction with complementary and multi-modal information rather than simple aggregation of media pieces. Our main areas of work are virtual and augmented reality, and video and multimedia processing.

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News, Talks and Events

Thu, Sep 27 at 13:00 Thomas Pichler: “Test talk: Fast CPU Ray-Triangle Intersection Method” Ray tracing is a technique capable of synthesizing highly realistic images. It accurately simulates the physical distribution of light in a scene and… More
Thu, Sep 27 at 13:00 Chris Bösch: “Test Talk: Mixed Reality Training for First Responders using a Video See-Through Head-Mounted Display” Regular, efficient and controllable training of first responders is an important aspect of disaster preparedness. By using new approaches and… More
Thu, Sep 27 at 13:00 Mikhail Timofeev: “Test talk: 3D Model Generation of Real Estate Objects for Interactive Virtual Reality Applications” Virtual reality allows people to explore and experience environments that do not exist in the real world or are hard to visit in person. The… More
Thu, Sep 27 at 14:00 David Schüller-Reichl: “Test talk: Mapping of Realism in Rendering onto Perception of Presence in Augmented Reality” Augmented Reality (AR) is about seamless integration of virtual computer-generated objects into the real-world view. Ideally, virtual objects should… More
10 PhD Positions in Doctorate College "TrustRobots" at TU Wien available The Doctorate College will fund 10 PhD positions, each 25h/week, for the duration of 3 years. Additionally, the DC will offer funding for the… More
PhD position available The Research Group on Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis (IVAS) is announcing a PhD position for graduates in the field of Informatics,… More
Khrystyna Vasylevska wins Best Paper Award at IEEE 3D User Interfaces 2017 in Los Angeles, USA Khrystyna Vasylevska and Hannes Kaufmann win the IEEE 3D UI Best Paper Award for their work "Towards Efficient Spatial Compression in… More

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Recent Press Coverage

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