Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Interactive Media Systems,
Vienna University of Technology

The Interactive Media Systems Group (“IMS”) dedicates its work to fundamental research and education in the area of multimedia.

By multimedia we mean true interaction with complementary and multi-modal information rather than simple aggregation of media pieces. Our main areas of work are virtual and augmented reality, and video and multimedia processing.

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News, Talks and Events

Thu, Jun 11 at 13:15 Friedrich Glock: “On the Methodology of Design Research” In the talk I will consider (the ambiguous term) ‘Design Research’ as the investigation of design processes / designing, that is, how designers work.… More
IMS Projekt nominiert für den Houska Preis 2015 Die WissenschaftlerInnen um Hannes Kaufmann am Institut für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme überzeugten die Jury mit einem neuen Verfahren… More
First place winners at the MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark 2014 Maia Zaharieva along with team ATU took 1st place in two challenges of the MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark 2014: Social Event Detection (SED) and… More
TU Virtualizer on Kickstarter The Cyberith Virtualizer, which is being developed by Tuncay Cakmak in cooperation with IMS is available for funding on Kickstarter. More
Matej Nezveda wins Best Poster Award Matej Nezveda won the Best Poster Award at the EPILOG event on 12th June 2014. The diploma thesis "Evaluation of Depth Map Post-processing Techniques… More
Wissen Sie wie laut Ihre Umgebung ist? Gemeinsam mit Sophisystems (Sophisticated System Engineering) entwickelten ForscherInnen am Institut für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme die… More
Hannes Kaufmann wins Kardinal Innitzer Award 2013 Hannes Kaufmann got a young scientist award - Kardinal Innitzer Förderpreis - for his Habilitation and recent research.… More

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Recent Press Coverage

APA Navigations-App weist Weg durch komplexe Gebäude May 21, 2015 / HyMoTrack More
Heise Medien "Personal Indoor Assistant": Den richtigen Weg finden mit Augmented Reality May 19, 2015 / HyMoTrack More Virtueller Navigationsassistent für komplexe Gebäude May 19, 2015 / HyMoTrack More
oe24 Indoor-Navi-App für Flughäfen & Co. May 18, 2015 / HyMoTrack More
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten Neue Navigations-App bringt Wegweiser auf das Handy May 18, 2015 / HyMoTrack More
Der Standard Smartphone mit Wegweiser: Neue Navigations-App für komplexe Gebäude May 18, 2015 / HyMoTrack More
Kurier Navi-App sucht nächstes Klo am Flughafen May 18, 2015 / HyMoTrack More

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