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NICOLE BROSCH: “Spatio-temporal Video Analysis for Semi-automatic 2D-to-3D Conversion”

Thu, October 20, 2016, 13:15 This thesis addresses the problem of converting monoscopic (2D) videos to stereoscopic (3D) videos. Its focus are semi-automatic 2D-to-3D conversions, which can be seen as a compromise between fully-automatic conversions of typically lower conversion quality and highly qualitative, but labor-intensive manual conversions. Semi-automatic conversions are typically based on sparse user-given disparity… More

Test Talk / Contact: N. Brosch

New research openings for students (sponsored Master and Bachelor theses)

We are offering newly funded research positions to Master and Bachelor students in the area of Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis - please see more details at

Contact: M. Gelautz

Users in Focus - PersonalFilmAssistant

Margrit Gelautz was granted a new project "PersonalFilmAssistant" under the recent "Users in Focus" Call of the Vienna Business Agency. Under this project, an intelligent assistance system for video production on mobile devices will be developed in collaboration with lead partner emotion3D Gmbh and FH Technikum Wien Gmbh. More information on the Users in Focus Call and the successful projects can… More

Contact: M. Gelautz

Hannes Kaufmann gets WWTF project granted "Realistic Indoor Path Visualization with Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance in Augmented Reality"

The ICT Call 2015 received 137 short proposals of which 22 have been invited to full proposal stage. The following 10 projects get funded:

IMS Projekt nominiert für den Houska Preis 2015

Die WissenschaftlerInnen um Hannes Kaufmann am Institut für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme überzeugten die Jury mit einem neuen Verfahren für mobiles hybrides Tracking von Innenbereichen, das z.B. als Orientierungshilfe in Krankenhäusern angewendet werden kann. Die optische Lokalisierungsmethode bietet hohe Genauigkeit und die Darstellungsmöglichkeit in einer 3D Augmented Reality… More

First place winners at the MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark 2014

Maia Zaharieva along with team ATU took 1st place in two challenges of the MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark 2014: Social Event Detection (SED) and Synchronization of Multi-User Event Media (SEM). The immense daily growth of publicly available photos requires efficient approaches for the mining of large photo collections. A significant part of shared content depicts a variety of social event types… More

Contact: M. Zaharieva

TU Virtualizer on Kickstarter

The Cyberith Virtualizer, which is being developed by Tuncay Cakmak in cooperation with IMS is available for funding on Kickstarter.

Contact: H. Kaufmann

Matej Nezveda wins Best Poster Award

Matej Nezveda won the Best Poster Award at the EPILOG event on 12th June 2014. The diploma thesis "Evaluation of Depth Map Post-processing Techniques for Novel View Generation" was supervised by Nicole Brosch and Margrit Gelautz. More details are available at

Contact: M. Gelautz, M. Nezveda

Wissen Sie wie laut Ihre Umgebung ist?

Gemeinsam mit Sophisystems (Sophisticated System Engineering) entwickelten ForscherInnen am Institut für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme die Android-App zur langfristigen Aufzeichnung von Lärmeinwirkung. Die psychophysikalisch ausgewerteten Daten weisen die NutzerInnen auf mögliche Gesundheitsrisiken hin. Mehr:… More

Contact: H. Eidenberger

Most of our talks and events happen in the context of our weekly IMS Seminar. The seminar usually takes place on Thursdays at 13:15 in Seminar Room 188/2 (1040 Favoritenstrasse 9-11, 4th floor, room HD0407, phone 18869 or 79901996). — If you would like to give a talk or presentation, please send name of the speaker, title, abstract, and suggested date/time to