Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Khrystyna Vasylevska

PhD Student


Office 1040 Wien, Favoritenstrasse 9-11 Room HG0406 Map
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Phone +43-1-58801-188646

Research Interests

  • Immersive Virtual Reality
  • Redirected Walking
  • 3D Interface Design
  • Brain-computer Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence


Khrystyna is currently a PhD Candidate at Vienna PhD School of Informatics.

The focus of her thesis is on perceptional illusions, which may be used for flexible computer-simulated multipurpose 3D environments. Such environments are suitable for simulation, training or education, entertainment and art.

Typically, a tracking space is limited and significantly smaller than a virtual environment. The real-world walking while in virtual reality is referred to as redirected walking. The aim is to allow (free) walking over a virtual scene that is significantly larger than the initial tracking space.