Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Research Areas

The Interactive Media Systems Group (“IMS”) dedicates its work to fundamental research and education in the area of multimedia. By multimedia we mean true interaction with complementary and multi-modal information rather than simple aggregation of media pieces.

Virtual and
Augmented Reality

Contact: H. Kaufmann

We conduct basic and application oriented research in all areas related to virtual and augmented reality.



Contact: Horst Eidenberger

Our ultimate media processing goal is human-like understanding of multimedia content. We extract semantically relevant patterns from audio, biosignals, images, text, video and other data types and set them into context by intelligent categorization.


Image and Video
Analysis & Synthesis

Contact: M. Gelautz

Our group performs basic and applied research on image and video analysis & synthesis with a strong focus on stereo processing, image matting, high dynamic range imaging, and related visualization techniques. Our work on 3D scene reconstruction is particularly motivated by the latest developments in the field of 3D movie/TV.


Featured Aspects of Our Work

More information about our research is available on the projects and publications pages.