Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis

Contact: Margrit Gelautz

Our group performs basic and applied research on image and video analysis & synthesis with a strong focus on stereo processing, image matting, high dynamic range imaging, and related visualization techniques. Our work on 3D scene reconstruction is particularly motivated by the latest developments in the field of 3D movie/TV.

Basic Information

The research group on Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis is directed by Prof. Margrit Gelautz and focuses on the following research topics:

  • stereo analysis
  • image matting
  • 3D sensor fusion
  • 3D scene completion
  • 2D-3D conversion
  • novel view generation
  • high-dynamic range imaging
  • 3D film/TV

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                      (December 2018)

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Featured Aspects of Our Work

More information about our research is available on the projects and publications pages.