Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis

Contact: Margrit Gelautz

Our group performs basic and applied research on image and video analysis & synthesis with a strong focus on stereo processing, image matting, high dynamic range imaging, and related visualization techniques. Our work on 3D scene reconstruction is particularly motivated by the latest developments in the field of 3D movie/TV.

Available Now

0591 10 PhD Positions in Doctorate College "TrustRobots" at TU Wien available The Doctorate College will fund 10 PhD positions, each 25h/week, for the duration of 3 years. Additionally, the DC will offer funding for the… M. Gelautz Details
0573 PhD and Master Research Positions: 3D Scene Reconstruction (funded) The Research Group on Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis) are seeking highly motivated students/graduates of Informatics, Mathematics or… M. Gelautz Details
0572 PhD Position: Vision for Autonomous Driving The Research Group on Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis) are seeking a highly qualified graduate (Dipl.-Ing, MSc.) of Informatics, Mathematics… M. Gelautz Details
0536 Stellenausschreibung (Augmented & Virtual Reality, Film und Mobile Applications) Die Firma emotion3D GmbH sucht Bachelor-/Masterstudenten (m/w) mit Schwerpunkt auf Bildverarbeitung und/oder Computer Vision zur Mitarbeit an… M. Gelautz Details

In Progress

0587 Recording Depth with Dual-Camera Smartphone Recently dual-camera devices have been introduced to the smartphone market, and enable end-users to create stunning photographs with emulated… M. Gelautz, D. Schörkhuber Details