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Walking in Virtual Reality: Flexible Spaces and Other Techniques In many virtual reality applications the virtual world is larger than the available physical workspace. Multiple mechanical solutions have been… K. Vasylevska, I. Podkosova, H. Kaufmann Details


Cross-Platform Social Event Detection A large part of media shared on online platforms such as Flickr and YouTube is captured at various social events (such as music festivals,… M. Zaharieva, M. Fabro, M. Zeppelzauer Details
Markerless 3D Interaction in an Unconstrained Handheld Mixed Reality Setup In mobile applications, it is crucial to provide intuitive means for 2D and 3D interaction. A large number of techniques exist to support a natural… D. Fritz, A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details


Indoor Skydiving in Immersive Virtual Reality with Embedded Storytelling We describe the Virtual Jump Simulator, which allows subjects to perform an indoor parachute jump in a virtual environment. The necessity to jump… H. Eidenberger, A. Mossel Details
Media Synchronization and Sub-Event Detection in Multi-User Image Collections Personal media capturing devices, such as smartphones or personal image and video cameras, are rarely synchronized. As a result, common tasks, like… M. Zaharieva, M. Riegler Details
MIS @ Retrieving Diverse Social Images Task 2015 In this paper, we describe our approach for the MediaEval 2015 Retrieving Diverse Social Images Task. The proposed approach exploits available… M. Zaharieva, L. Diem Details
Touch, Movement & Vibration: User Perception of Vibrotactile Feedback for Touch and Mid-Air Gestures Designing appropriate feedback for gesture interfaces is an important aspect of user experience and performance. We conduct the first investigation… C. Schönauer, A. Mossel, I. Zaiți, R. Vatavu Details
Social Event Mining in Large Photo Collections A significant part of publicly available photos on the Internet depicts a variety of different social events. In order to organize this steadily… M. Zaharieva, M. Zeppelzauer, M. Fabro, D. Schopfhauser Details
Interpretable Video Representation The immense amount of available video data poses novel requirements for video representation approaches by means of focusing on central and relevant… L. Diem, M. Zaharieva Details
Mobile Multiview Diffuse Texture Extraction This paper presents a novel method for diffuse texture extraction from a set of multiview images. We address the problem of specularities removal by… P. Kán, H. Kaufmann Details
Requirements Analysis On A Virtual Reality Training System For CBRN Crisis Preparedness Over the past decade, training in virtual reality for military and disaster preparedness has been increasingly recognized as an important adjunct to… A. Mossel, A. Peer, J. Göllner, H. Kaufmann Details
Towards An Immersive Virtual Reality Training System For CBRN Disaster Preparedness Over the past decade, training in virtual reality for military and disaster preparedness has been increasingly recognized as an important adjunct to… A. Mossel, A. Peer, J. Göllner, H. Kaufmann Details
Interactive HDR Environment Map Capturing on Mobile Devices Real world illumination, captured by digitizing devices, is beneficial to solve many problems in computer graphics. Therefore, practical methods for… P. Kán Details
Efficient Depth Propagation in Videos with GPU-acceleration In this paper we propose an optimized semi-automatic approach for efficient 2D-to-3D video conversion. It is based on a conversion algorithm [1] that… M. Ivancsics, N. Brosch, M. Gelautz Details
ACTO: A Modular Actuated Tangible User Interface Object We introduce a customizable, reusable actuated tangible user interface object: ACTO. Its modular design allows quick adaptations for different… E. Vonach, G. Gerstweiler, H. Kaufmann Details
Development of Tests to Evaluate the Sensory Abilities of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder using Touch and Force Sensors An emerging line of research that attempts to reveal underlying mechanisms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) studies differences in sensory… M. Riederer, C. Schönauer, H. Kaufmann, E. Söchting, C. Lamm Details
Multimodal Synchronization of Image Galleries This paper describes our contribution to the MediaEval 2014 task on the Synchronization of multi-user Event Media (SEM). We propose two multimodal… M. Zaharieva, M. Riegler, M. Fabro Details
Clustering and Retrieval of Social Events in Flickr This paper describes our contributions to the Social Event Detection (SED) task as part of the MediaEval Benchmark 2014. We first present an… M. Zaharieva, P. Schopfhauser, M. Fabro, M. Zeppelzauer Details
A Unified Framework for Retrieving Diverse Social Images In this paper we explore the performance of a generic, unified framework for the retrieval of relevant and diverse images from social photo… M. Zaharieva, P. Schwab Details
Gestalt Interest Points for Image Description in Weight-Invariant Face Recognition In this work, we propose two improvements of the Gestalt Interest Points (GIP) algorithm for the recognition of faces of people that have underwent… M. Hörhan, H. Eidenberger Details
Highly Overparameterized Optical Flow Using PatchMatch Belief Propagation Motion in the image plane is ultimately a function of 3D motion in space. We propose to compute optical flow using what is ostensibly an extreme… M. Hornacek, F. Besse, J. Kautz, A. Fitzgibbon, C. Rother Details
Evaluation of LDR, Tone Mapped and HDR Stereo Matching Using Cost-volume Filtering Approach We present stereo matching solutions based on a fast costvolume filtering approach for High Dynamic Range (HDR) scenes. Multi-exposed stereo images… T. Akhavan, H. Yoo, M. Gelautz Details


Verfahren zum Erstellen eines dreidimensionalen virtuellen Modells einer Umgebung für Anwendungen zur Positionsbestimmung H. Kaufmann, A. Mossel: "Verfahren zum Erstellen eines dreidimensionalen virtuellen Modells einer Umgebung für Anwendungen zur Positionsbestimmung";… H. Kaufmann, A. Mossel Details


Evaluation of Robust PCA for Supervised Audio Outlier Detection Outliers often reveal crucial information about the underlying data such as the presence of unusual observations that require for in-depth analysis.… S. Brodinova, T. Ortner, P. Filzmoser, M. Zaharieva, C. Breiteneder Details


Erfassung sensorischer Fähigkeiten bei Kindern mit Autismus mittels Touchscreen und Berührungssensoren Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a pervasive developmental disorder with an average prevalence of less than one percent. It is characterized by… M. Riederer Details
Assessing the Sensory Functionality of Children using Depth Data: Development of a reproducible and stable Test for Measuring the Kinaesthesia of Children (with ASD) Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a pervasive developmental disorder that often in-volves sensory and motor problems. A sense that has not yet been… J. Hartl Details
Game-based Health Monitoring using Tangible User Interface Objects Patients being monitored in hospitals often do not behave as in their daily life. Especially for children such examinations can lead to stress… M. Ternek Details
Dense Stereo Matching for Urban Outdoor Scenes Dense stereo matching is an active research topic in the area of Computer Vision. Depth information is extracted from a dense correspondence search… K. Lasinger Details
Temporally Coherent Cost Volume Filtering-based Depth Propagation in Videos The growing availability of three-dimensional (3D) displays in the commercial sector and related trends in this field increase the demand for 3D… T. Schausberger Details
Interaction in Dense One-Handed Handheld Augmented Reality The rapid improvement of handheld hardware devices enable real-time rendering of a large number of 3D models in handheld augmented reality (AR)… B. Venditti Details