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3D Visual Content Datasets Development and performance evaluation of efficient methods for coding, transmission, and quality assessment of 3D visual content require rich… K. Fliegel, F. Battisti, M. Carli, M. Gelautz, L. Krasula, P. Le-Callet, V. Zlokolica Details
Quality of Experience and Quality of Service Metrics for 3D Content Traditionally, the quality of a multimedia system was mainly assessed through the evaluation of its Quality of Service (QoS) that is by evaluating… M. Barreda-Angeles, F. Battisti, G. Boato, M. Carli, E. Dumic, M. Gelautz, C. Hewage, P. Le-Callet, A. Liotta, C. Pasquini, A. Pereda-Baños, C. Politis, D. Sandic, M. Tekalp, M. Torres-Vega, V. Zlokolica Details


Extraction of Structural and Semantic Data from 2D Floor Plans for Interactive and Immersive VR Real Estate Exploration Three-dimensional reconstructions of indoor environments are useful in various augmented and virtual scenarios. Creating a realistic virtual… G. Gerstweiler, L. Furlan, M. Timofeev, H. Kaufmann Details
A Baseline for General Music Object Detection with Deep Learning Deep learning is bringing breakthroughs to many computer vision subfields including Optical Music Recognition (OMR), which has seen a series of… A. Pacha, J. Hajič, J. Calvo-Zaragoza Details
Guided projections for analyzing the structure of high-dimensional data A powerful data transformation method named guided projections is proposed creating new possibilities to reveal the group structure of… T. Ortner, P. Filzmoser, M. Rohm, C. Breiteneder, S. Brodinova Details
DARGS: Dynamic AR Guiding System for Indoor Environments Complex public buildings, such as airports, use various systems to guide people to a certain destination. Such approaches are usually implemented by… G. Gerstweiler, K. Platzer, H. Kaufmann Details


An End-to-end System for Real-Time Point Cloud Visualization The growing availability of RGB-D data, as delivered by current depth sensing devices, forms the basis for a variety of mixed reality (MR)… H. Hofer, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz Details
Co-Presence and Proxemics in Shared Walkable Virtual Environments with Mixed Colocation The purpose of the experiment presented in this paper is to investigate co-presence and locomotory patterns in a walkable shared virtual environment.… I. Podkosova, H. Kaufmann Details
How Current Optical Music Recognition Systems Are Becoming Useful for Digital Libraries Optical Music Recognition (OMR) promises to make large collections of sheet music searchable by their musical content. It would open up novel ways of… J. Hajič, M. Kolárová, A. Pacha, J. Calvo-Zaragoza Details
Optical Music Recognition in Mensural Notation with Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks In this work, we present an approach for the task of optical music recognition (OMR) using deep neural networks. Our intention is to simultaneously… A. Pacha, J. Calvo-Zaragoza Details
Advancing OMR as a Community: Best Practices for Reproducible Research Optical Music Recognition has been under investigation for over 60 years but remains an unsolved problem, because research happens distributedly,… A. Pacha Details
Self-Learning Optical Music Recognition A. Pacha: "Self-Learning Optical Music Recognition"; Talk: Vienna young Scientists Symposium, Wien; 06-07-2018 - 06-08-2018; in: "Vienna young… A. Pacha Details
Mutual Collision Avoidance During Walking in Real and Collaborative Virtual Environments In walkable multi-user HMD-based VR immersed users have to avoid colliding with each other while performing tasks or exploring the virtual… I. Podkosova, H. Kaufmann Details
Vision-based Autonomous Feeding Robot This paper tackles the problem of vision-based indoor navigation for robotic platforms. Contrary to methods using adaptions of the infrastructure… M. Schörghuber, M. Wallner, R. Jung, M. Humenberger, M. Gelautz Details
A workflow for 3D model reconstruction from multi-view depth acquisitions of dynamic scenes We propose a workflow for generating highquality 3D models of dynamic scenes for the film and entertainment industry. Our 3D scanning system… C. Kapeller, B. Sespede, M. Nezveda, M. Labschütz, S. Flöry, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz Details
Handwritten Music Object Detection: Open Issues and Baseline Results Optical Music Recognition (OMR) is the challenge of understanding the content of musical scores. Accurate detection of individual music objects is a… A. Pacha, K. Choi, B. Coüasnon, Y. Ricquebourg, H. Eidenberger Details
Robot Supported Virtual and Augmented Reality In this dissertation different aspects from research in the fields of Tangible User Interfaces, encounter-type devices and Passive Haptics are… E. Vonach Details
Automatic Furniture Arrangement Using Greedy Cost Minimization In this paper, we present a novel method for fast generation of furniture arrangements in interior scenes. Our method exploits the benefits of… P. Kán, H. Kaufmann Details


Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Embedded Computer Vision S. Mattoccia, B. Kisačanin, M. Gelautz, S. Chai, A. Belbachir, G. Dedeoglu, F. Stein: "Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Embedded Computer Vision";… S. Mattoccia, B. Kisačanin, M. Gelautz, S. Chai, A. Belbachir, G. Dedeoglu, F. Stein Details


An Evaluation Framework for Dynamic Scene Acquisitions Using Multiple Stereo Cameras C. Kapeller, B. Sespede, M. Nezveda, M. Labschütz, S. Flöry, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz: "An Evaluation Framework for Dynamic Scene Acquisitions Using… C. Kapeller, B. Sespede, M. Nezveda, M. Labschütz, S. Flöry, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz Details
A Post-processing Tool for Multi-view 2D-plus-depth Video B. Sespede, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz: "A Post-processing Tool for Multi-view 2D-plus-depth Video"; Poster: The 15th ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on… B. Sespede, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz Details
Camera-based pose estimation in dynamic environments - concept and status This PhD tackles the challenge of camera-based methods for navigation and environmental sensing in dynamic environments. The goal is to design a… M. Schörghuber, M. Humenberger, M. Gelautz Details


Asynchronous Stereo Vision Event-driven Stereo Matching and Tracking for Dynamic Vision Sensors This thesis addresses the problem of stereo reconstruction from a stream of events provided by two dynamic vision sensors (DVS) in a stereo… E. Piatkowska Details
Techniques for Improving Mobile Video Creation In this thesis, we explore methods to assist non-professional users with video creation on mobile devices. The developed algorithms are embedded into… D. Schörkhuber Details
Evaluation of a 3D Reconstruction System Comprising Multiple Stereo Cameras Recent advances in the fields of media production and mixed/virtual reality have generated an increasing demand for high-quality 3D models obtained… C. Kapeller Details
Interactive Post-Processing of 2D-Plus-Depth Videos: Algorithms, Implementation and Evaluation One of the approaches to reconstruct the depth of real-world objects or scenes consists of using stereo cameras to record them in image or video… B. Sespede Details
Robot-Assisted Game Incorporating Emotional Postures for Children with ASD Joint attention has been shown to have an important impact on the development of the social cognition in children. Children with autism spectrum… D. Stoeva Details
Advances in the Multimodal 3D Reconstruction and Modeling of Buildings Driven by the need for faster and more efficient workflows in the digitization of urban environments, the availability of affordable 3D… M. Schwärzler Details
TrACTOr & StARboard Tracking and Haptic Interaction for Learning in AR In our modern and computer-driven environment the topic of Human Computer Interaction becomes more important, in order to design efficient and… C. Schindler Details
Real-Time Visualization Pipeline for Dynamic Point Cloud Data Current developments in sensor and computer vision technologies are pushing the boundaries of extended reality (XR) applications. Digital… H. Hofer Details
Fast CPU Ray-Triangle Intersection Method Ray tracing is a technique capable of synthesizing highly realistic images. It accurately simulates the physical distribution of light in a scene and… T. Pichler Details
Performance Analysis of a Stereo Matching Implementation in OpenCL Stereo matching is one of the first steps in the process of calculating 3D information from two 2D images. To triangulate a 3D point from two… S. Rotheneder Details