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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Extraction of Structural and Semantic Data from 2D Floor Plans for Interactive and Immersive VR Real Estate Exploration

By Georg Gerstweiler, Lukas Furlan, Mikhail Timofeev, and Hannes Kaufmann


Three-dimensional reconstructions of indoor environments are useful in various augmented and virtual scenarios. Creating a realistic virtual apartment in 3D manually does not only take time, but also needs skilled people for implementation. Analyzing a floor plan is a complicated task. Due to the lack of engineering standards in creating these drawings, they can have multiple different appearances for the same building. This paper proposes multiple models and heuristics which enable fully automated 3D reconstructions out of only a 2D floor plan. Our study focuses on floor plan analysis and definition of special requirements for a 3D building model used in a Virtual Reality (VR) setup. The proposed method automatically analyzes floor plans with a pattern recognition approach, thereby extracting accurate metric information about important components of the building. An algorithm for mesh generation and extracting semantic information such as apartment separation and room type estimation is presented. A novel method for VR interaction with interior design completes the framework. The result of the presented system is intended to be used for presenting a large number of apartments to customers. It can also be used as a base for purposes such as furnishing apartments, realistic occlusions for AR (Augmented Reality) applications such as indoor navigation or analyzing purposes. Finally, a technical evaluation and an interactive user study prove the advantages of the presented system.


G. Gerstweiler, L. Furlan, M. Timofeev, H. Kaufmann: "Extraction of Structural and Semantic Data from 2D Floor Plans for Interactive and Immersive VR Real Estate Exploration"; Technologies - Open Access Multidisciplinary Engineering Journal, 6 (2018), 101; 27 pages.


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