ATTENTION: This is a web archive! The IMS Group was split up in 2018 and does not exist anymore. Recent work of former members can be found at the VR/AR Group and the Computer Vision Group.

Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Contact: Hannes Kaufmann

We conduct basic and application oriented research in all areas related to virtual and augmented reality.

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Core Areas

  • (Optical) Tracking and Motion Capture,
  • 3D HCI including Locomotion,
  • High Quality Rendering for Mixed Reality,
  • 3D Reconstruction for Mixed Reality,
  • VR Medical Applications & Virtual Rehabilitation,
  • Spatial Understanding in Mixed Reality,
  • Immersive Mixed Reality applications in general.

In the past we conducted projects on industrial high precision tracking solutions, physical rehabilitation, safety of fire fighters, high school science education in VR, prosthetics, and many more. Please see the list of current and past projects. In addition to basic research projects, we focus on innovative applications of VR/AR technology which are beneficial to society.

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Featured Aspects of Our Work

More information about our research is available on the projects and publications pages.