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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Contact: Hannes Kaufmann

We conduct basic and application oriented research in all areas related to virtual and augmented reality.

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0609 Construct3D Construct3D has been developed from 1999 - 2008. It was a very successful MR application for fully dynamic/parametric geometry education. Details are… H. Kaufmann Details
0606 Hand Interaction in Mixed Reality Use the newest depth sensing technologies to develop intuitive hand interaction techniques for Mixed Reality applications! I. Podkosova, C. Schönauer Details
0605 3D Object Detection from RGB-D and Material Data in AR/VR Applications Experiment with the newest depth sensing technologies and develop tools to test their suitability for certain object detection and reconstruction… I. Podkosova, C. Schönauer, H. Kaufmann Details
0602 Gesture Interaction with a mobile AR controller In this project, a student needs to work on a gesture interface design which enables users to great their own gesture. This will make a… M. Lee, H. Kaufmann Details
0601 Evaluation of an AR controller with objective quality measurements The aim of the project is to build a system which can measure objective quality parameters of an IMU enabled controller with available technological… M. Lee, H. Kaufmann Details
0584 Privacy Modalities in a Collaborative Virtual Reality Environment This master thesis focus on investigating novel concepts in the field of 3D interaction and perception to allow private areas within collaborative… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0542 Distributed multi-user VR with full body motion capture The goal of this topic is to research presence-related questions in a distributed VR system with full-body motion capture. Hardware and software: -… I. Podkosova Details
0541 Collision Prediction in a walkable VR environment The topic concerns highly immersive VR systems (HMD + head tracking in large scale) where multiple users can simultaneously explore virtual… I. Podkosova Details
0532 VRGroup - Natural Distributed Hand Interaction The goal of the task is to enable users of an immersive VR game to take virtual objects with virtual hands, smoothly pass them from one hand to… I. Podkosova Details
0478 Immersive VR platform in Unreal engine The general task is the development of a fully immersive multi-user VR system in Unreal Engine. Several students can work on different sub-tasks. Two… I. Podkosova Details
0251 Virtual & Augmented Reality - Suggest Your Own Topic Students with interesting ideas for Virtual and Augmented Reality topics are always welcome for Master Theses, PhD Theses or Practicums. Please… H. Kaufmann Details

In Progress

0604 AR-Schulungs-Anwendung und Editor für das Bauingenieurwesen Das Ziel der Masterarbeit ist die Entwicklung einer AR-Unity-Anwendungen für die Lehre im Bauingenieurwesen. Zusätzlich soll ein Editor implementiert… C. Schönauer, H. Kaufmann Details
0571 VRGroup - Safety zone monitoring with depth sensor For a fully immersive VR system with haptic feedback, a separate safety monitoring system should be implemented. The system should rely on depth data… E. Vonach Details
0570 Virtual Climbing Application Develop a Unity application for virtual climbing based on our rotating climbing wall Vreeclimber that includes (1) different levels of skills, (2)… Horst Eidenberger Details
0569 Smart 3D Geometry Understanding within a Dynamic Large Triangulated Point Cloud The aim of this master thesis is to enable automatic object detection, starting from planar surfaces to more complex objects, within a streamed dense… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0545 Data-driven generation of virtual city layout With growing popularity of virtual reality, the importance of 3D content creation receives significant attention. The manual creation of large 3D… P. Kán, H. Kaufmann Details
0539 After Action Reviewing for a Distributed Untethered Virtual Reality Training Simulation The aim of this master thesis to develop a distributed system to allow for immersive training of multiple first responders within a virtual reality… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0510 VRGroup - Fußtracking für Virtual Reality Die Visualisierung von Beinen und Füßen erhöht die Immersion und Bewegungssicherheit von Usern in Virtual Reality Anwendungen. In gegenwärtigen… C. Schönauer, H. Kaufmann Details
0473 Virtual Zipliner Implement a Virtual Zipliner with mountain content and cold air for the Virtual Jump Simulator. Horst Eidenberger Details
0463 Touchscreen und Drucksensor Datenerfassung Im Rahmen eines Projektes zur Erfassung sensorischer Funktionen bei Kindern mit Störungen des autistischen Spektrums sollen Daten von einem… Schönauer Details
0449 VRGroup - Automatic Extraction and Reviewing of Image Markers Setup: Android + Tiefensensor Metaio SDK Aufgabe: Erkennen von merkmalsreichen planaren Flächen welche als „natural feature marker“ verwendet werden… G. Gerstweiler Details
0438 Interactive 3D Mesh Exploration in Immersive Virtual Reality In recent years, 3D mesh generation using depth sensors like Microsoft Kinect got very popular and a number a algorithms exist for real time depth… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0432 Mobile Localization and Mapping using Visual Features To enable autonomous flight of a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the UAV must be aware of its position and orientation in space. This remains a… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0429 EEG controlled Avatar Stardate 3012.4: The former captain of U.S.S. Enterprise Christopher Pike is completely paralysed and controls his wheelchair as well as light… K. Vasylevska Details
0382 Mobile Vibrotactile Feedback Module Es soll ein Modul entworfen und gebaut werden, welches haptisches Feeback gibt und drahtlos von einem Mobilgerät angesteuert werden kann. C. Schönauer Details
0354 Application using 3D Reconstruction and Tracking with Kinect Mit der Microsoft Kinect und verschiedenen Algorithmen und Frameworks (z.B.: KinectFusion ReconstructMe-SDK) ist es möglich 3D Modelle von realen… C. Schönauer Details
0351 Stereo Video see-through Headset Für stereoskopische Augmented Reality Anwendungen benötigt man ein see-through Headset/Head Mounted Display. Die reale Welt sieht man dabei entweder… C. Schönauer Details
0318 Kinect zur Erfassung sensorischer Funktionen Erfassung sensorischer Funktionen bei Kindern mit Störungen des autistischen Spektrums mithilfe von Kinect. C. Schönauer Details


0594 Virtual Reality Table Tennis Application Develop a virtual reality application for table tennis sports based on the HTC Vive setup. Includes a bit of hardware design (basically, turning a… Horst Eidenberger Details
0586 Prototypical Widget Library This topic is focused on personalized UI implementation on Unity 3D for AR/VR environment. Effective UI implementation has been a challenging problem… M. Lee, H. Kaufmann Details
0585 Investigating 3D Interaction for Real-World Mixed Reality This master thesis focus on investigating 3D interaction within mixed reality. The research focus on developing fundamental 3D interaction techniques… M. Lee, H. Kaufmann Details
0577 Virtual Rock Climbing Applications Develop parts and applications for our novel virtual rock climbing environment which includes a rotating wall of 3,6x3m with approx. 200 grips,… Horst Eidenberger Details
0576 Vreeclimber: From Matlab to OpenCV Transfer existing code for hand and feet tracking from Matlab to OpenCV and integrate the library into our environment for virtual rock climbing.… Horst Eidenberger Details
0575 Virtual Reality Avatar for Rock Climbing Develop an avatar for rock climbing in Unity. The avatar should be able to move its arms and legs, feet and all fingers. Requires basic knowledge in… Horst Eidenberger Details
0564 360° Stereo Content for the Virtual Jumpcube Explore our new Vuze 360° Stereo camera and record a 5min video journey for the Virtual Jumpcube project ( For example, construct a proper… Horst Eidenberger Details
0560 VRGroup - Smartphone as 'Pixelstick' A smartphone-app for „Lightpainting“ should be implemented, using the inertial sensor to 'scroll' over an arbitrary picture. Synchronization of… E. Vonach Details
0559 VRGroup - Tool for Analysis of User Behavior in VR A tool for analysis of user behavior in VR environments should be developed. Different parameters (e.g. path, gaze direction, eye fixations,...)… E. Vonach Details
0546 Vienna City Airrace Based on an existing Unreal project, implement a virtual reality airrace over and in the streets of the city of Vienna. Requires Requires solid VR… Horst Eidenberger Details
0544 Fast CPU Ray-Triangle Intersection Method Due to the recent advancements of research and industry in the area of photorealistic rendering, ray-tracing methods became a standard for… P. Kán, H. Kaufmann Details
0540 3D Interaction within a Multi-User Distributed Untethered Virtual Reality Training Simulation The aim of this master thesis to develop distributed 3D interactions to allow for immersive training of multiple first responders within a virtual… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0514 Parachute Control for the TU Jumpcube For the TU Jumpcube ( develop a Unity module that allows to control the parachute in a VR skydiving app via the hand-held… Horst Eidenberger Details
0511 Virtual Agriculture Game Develop virtual reality content for an agriculture game based on a virtualized tractor. For example, implement an application that allows for plowing… Horst Eidenberger Details
0509 VRGroup - Tracking for Mobile Virtual Reality Trotz der Verfügbarkeit von verschiedenen Produkten für seated und (small) room scale Virtual Reality, ist Tracking in größeren Räumen für… C. Schönauer Details
0506 Virtual Reality zum Anfassen Der Controller für einen Roboterarm soll auf Basis verschiedener existierender Libraries entwickelt werden und weiters eine direkte Anbindung an die… E. Vonach Details
0501 Jumpcube Interaction Metaphors Develop interaction metaphors for the interaction of the audience with the jumper/flyer in our Jumpcube VR application. The possibility to… Horst Eidenberger Details
0498 Virtual Reality Avatars for the TU Jumpcube Based on an existing IR tracking system and the Oculus Rift DK2 HMD develop (or collect from the Internet) avatars for different projects, genders… Horst Eidenberger Details
0494 Shared Mobile Virtual Reality for Multiple Users This topic aims at creating a multi-user immersive Virtual Reality (VR) system that provides distributed 3D stereoscopic viewing using a mobile head… A. Mossel Details
0493 Enabling an Omnidirectional Treadmill in Untethered Mobile Virtual Reality The goal of this practicum is to develop a wireless data streaming solution to enable the integration of an omnidirectional Treadmill in untethered… A. Mossel Details
0492 Immersive Training in Mobile Virtual Reality The aim of this master thesis to develop a system to allow for immserive training of first responders within a virtual reality environment, solely… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0469 VRGroup - Automatied 3D Building Model Generation for Virtual Reality Environments This topic is about the automated generation of a 3D house/apartment model. All the information about the 3D model will be given in a CAD or DXF… G. Gerstweiler Details
0457 Project Triton: Develop a Unity Deep Space Diving VR Application Based on an existing Unity application, develop controls and content for a VR application that allows a person to travel through the sea: from the… Horst Eidenberger Details
0456 Mission TU Mars: A Unity Solar System Flight Application Based on an existing Unity application, develop controls and content for a VR application that allows a person to travel through our solar system:… Horst Eidenberger Details
0454 VRGroup - Detecting Audiosources in 2D Setup. Plattform: Android, Arduino, Rasperry Pi oder Windows Aufgabe: Anhand von 2-3 Mikrofonen soll die Richtung von Geräuschen in 2D erkannt werden. G. Gerstweiler Details
0452 VRGroup - Low Profile Device for Guiding People in Indoor Environments Setup: Arduino / IMU / Compass / Motors Aufgabe: Designen und enwickeln von Hardware um Personen, ohne zu Hilfenahme von visuellen Output, durch… G. Gerstweiler Details
0451 VRGroup - Pathplanning in AR Environments Setup: Unity 3D Pfadplaung Aufgabe: Analysieren von verfügbaren Pfadplanungsalgorithmen. Planen von realistischen, begehbaren Pfaden in einer AR… G. Gerstweiler Details
0448 VRGroup - Mobile AR Path Visualization Setup: Mobile SLAM Tracking auf Moverio Glasses Unity 3D + Pathplanning Algorithmen (A*) Tracking mit Metaio SLAM Aufgabe: Designen und… G. Gerstweiler Details
0445 Streaming and Interactive Exploration of Dense Points Clouds in Immersive Virtual Reality In recent years, 3D mesh generation using depth sensors like Microsoft Kinect got very popular and a number a algorithms exist for real time depth… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0439 DepthSLAM on a Mobile Device Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) using depth data from structured light (i.e. MS Kinect) has become very popular in recent years to… A. Mossel Details
0431 Semi-Autonomous Camera Calibration of a Stereo Rig for Large Scale Virtual Reality Optical tracking is one of the fundamentals of every virtual reality systems and is based on accurately calibrated cameras. However, camera… A. Mossel Details
0423 Spielbasiertes Gesundheitsmonitoring mit Tangible User Interface Objects Die Interaktion zwischen Menschen und medizinischen Diagnose- bzw. Aufzeichnungsgeräten läuft meist nach strikten Mustern ab. Das ärztliche… E. Vonach Details
0419 Automaic Extraction of 2D Feature Marker Creating a mobile setup including a RGB-D camera and a smart phone in order to extract ideal 2D Feature markers in an indoor environment. G. Gerstweiler Details
0418 AR Navigation Visualization in Indoor Environments The goal of this topic is to implement and evaluate different AR visualization methods to guide a person to a destination. G. Gerstweiler Details
0416 Mapping of Realism in Rendering onto Perception of Presence in Augmented Reality Augmented reality (AR) is the field which highly depends on the human perception. The usability of the final application as well as the convenience… P. Kán, H. Kaufmann Details
0408 Draw Your Interface - Ubiquitous Human Computer Interaction based on Capacitive Sensing This thesis creates ways to enable human computer interaction anywhere and everywhere, on a table, on a page of a book, just by using cheap and off… A. Mossel Details
0406 Fly a Multicopter using an Immersive Virtual Realiy Setup Multicopters have become popular and wide spread in recent years. While consumer hardware is still manually controlled by a pilot using a standard… A. Mossel Details
0392 Virtual Jump Simulator Develop a VR application that allows a user to do a virtual parachute jump inhouse. Requires the student to develop (1) a hardware setup for the… Horst Eidenberger Details
0381 Printed SmartCopter Within the practicum, a printable frame to be used for the SmartCopter is designed, printed and tested. Furthermore, the drift correction in the… A. Mossel Details
0361 Creating Interactive & Distributed Mixed Reality Environments To create rich and interactive mixed reality applications, a number of input as well as output devices are incorporated into an existing framework to… A. Mossel Details
0360 3D Interaction in an Ambient Mixed Reality Environment To enable mobile 3D interaction in an ambient mixed reality (MR) environment, the 3D orientation data of a mobile device is sent over WIFI to a… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0359 6 Degree-of-Freedom Tracking for Mobile Augmented Reality To estimate the 6 degree-of-freedom pose (position and orientation) of a mobile device, the data from the built-in RGB camera is captured and… A. Mossel Details
0358 Real-Time Filtering of Monte Carlo Noise on GPU Computational capabilities of modern graphics hardware enable physically based rendering algorithms to run in real-time using low sampling rate. The… P. Kán, H. Kaufmann Details
0338 Erfassung sensorischer Funktionen mittels Touchscreen und Drucksensor Erfassung sensorischer Funktionen bei Kindern mit Störungen des autistischen Spektrums mithilfe von Touchscreen und Drucksensor. C. Schönauer Details
0326 TrACTOr - A Depth Based Tracking System for Tangible Augmented Reality An alternative tracking method should be developed for our Actuated Tangible User Interface Objects (ACTOs). These micro robots then provide haptic… E. Vonach Details
0325 Speckle Sensor for ACTOs Actuated Tangible User Interface Objects (ACTOs) should be equipped with a self-tracked motor unit. E. Vonach Details
0252 Sony PS Move Controller Support for PCs This topic is based on the open source project MoveOnPC The goal of this project is the platform independent… H. Kaufmann Details
0250 Accurate Selection and 6DOF Interaction with Extruded 3D Content in Dense Collaborative Mobile AR The master thesis focuses on interaction techniques in distributed mobile augmented reality environments accessed by smart phones. It covers… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0249 Natural 3D Interaction in Mobile AR This master thesis focus on the implementation and evaluation of an natural 6-degree of freedom human computer interface (HCI). This HCI is used for… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details
0248 Autonomous flight of a low-cost UAV The master thesis aim is to design and construct an UAV with low cost, off the shelf hardware and implement autonomous flight control in a 2D marker… A. Mossel, H. Kaufmann Details