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VRGroup - Automatied 3D Building Model Generation for Virtual Reality Environments

Master Thesis or Practicum

About This Topic

This topic is about the automated generation of a 3D house/apartment model.

All the information about the 3D model will be given in a CAD or DXF floor plan (walls, windows, doors, ceiling, ...). By analyzing the different layers of the DXF file it should be possible to collect all the necessary data in order to create a 3D mesh. The most important steps are:

- Symbol Recognition

- Cleanup Wrong Data

- Identify Rooms (face normals)

- Integrate Architectural Components (windows, doors, ...)

- Floor and Ceiling

The result of the project should then be integrated into an immersive VR environment so that the user is able to explore the rooms with an Oculus Rift, GearVR , ...

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