Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

TrACTOr - A Depth Based Tracking System for Tangible Augmented Reality

Master Thesis

About This Topic

An alternative tracking method should be developed for our Actuated Tangible User Interface Objects (ACTOs). These micro robots then provide haptic feedback in an AR scenario on a tabletop.

Additional Information

Alternative ways to retrieve the pose of our Actuated Tangible User Interface Objects (ACTOs) should be devised. At the moment a low-tech marker-based approach is used, but is restricted in application area. A more flexible approach is desirable, for example using a Microsoft Kinect. In that way we can render virtual objects on a table using an Android-Smartphone, Epson Moverio or Microsoft Hololense and provide haptic feedback with the ACTO micro robots.


-) Our ACTO system

-) Kinect

-) AR glasses e.g.: Epson Moverio, MS Hololense