Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Creating Interactive & Distributed Mixed Reality Environments

Bachelor Thesis

About This Topic

To create rich and interactive mixed reality applications, a number of input as well as output devices are incorporated into an existing framework to generate non, semi, fully-immersive as well as handheld mixed reality (MR) scenarios.

The main task is to extend an existing mixed reality software framework (Artifice) by implementing loose coupled modules to interact with Kinect, Razer Hyrda, iotracker, ARtoolkit, Space Navigator, Sony Move as well as Android mobile devices. Modules for all input devices exist and need to be fused. All tracking data input is fed into Unity3D game engine for real time interaction and rendering. For data output, modules are implemented to visualize the data on a screen, on a projector as well as into a HMD (Oculus Rift).

More Infos:

SDKs/Platforms: Windows, Unity3D, Vurforia, FAAST, OpenTracker,...

Programming: C++, C#

This topic can also be started as a practicum and extended to be completed as master thesis.