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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

EEG controlled Avatar

Master Thesis or Practicum

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Stardate 3012.4: The former captain of U.S.S. Enterprise Christopher Pike is completely paralysed and controls his wheelchair as well as light signals to answer yes/no question using his brain waves. Captain is using brain-computer interface (BCI). A non-invasive BCI relies on the electroencephalography (EEG) - recoding of electrical activity with electrodes from the scalp.

In this project the EEG signal has to be captured, interpreted and mapped to a certain animation of a virtual avatar. As a possible extension the signal may be mapped to the movements of a custom-made robotised marionette.

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EPOC Emotive headset Research ed. (

BCI200 software (,

Creative approaches are always welcome.

There is a possibility to split the project between 2 persons for group Practicum.

A simple principle for creating a marionette will be explained, if needed.