ATTENTION: This is a web archive! The IMS Group was split up in 2018 and does not exist anymore. Recent work of former members can be found at the VR/AR Group and the Computer Vision Group.

Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Hand Interaction in Mixed Reality

Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis, or Practicum

About This Topic

Use the newest depth sensing technologies to develop intuitive hand interaction techniques for Mixed Reality applications!

Additional Information

A novel type of RGB-D sensor (Trinamix XperYenZ allows not only to capture color and depth images, but also provides information about the object material. The objective of this topic is to use these capabilities of the sensor to enable natural hand interaction in Mixed Reality applications. Physics-based interaction possibilities as well as gesture interaction can be explored. The developed tools for hand detection, segmentation and gesture recognition can be based on existing methods and software frameworks (such as OpenCV etc.). The amount of work involved in the development of this topic can be adapted to different courses or theses.


Trinamix XperYenZ, a head-mounted display


OpenCV, C++, other software libraries possible