Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

ImmersiveDeck: A large-scale wireless VR system for multiple users

Lab project in the area of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

About this Project

We present a low-cost multi-user immersive Virtual Reality system that enables collaborative experiences in large virtual environments. In the proposed setup an unlimited number of users can walk and interact freely and untethered in an area 200 m2 area. The required equipment is worn on the body and rendering is performed locally on each user to minimize latency. Inside-out optical head tracking is coupled with a low-cost motion capture suit to track the full body and the head. Movements of users, 3D interactions and the positions of selected real world objects are distributed over a wireless network in a server-client architecture. As a result, users see the effect of their interactions with objects and other users in real time. We describe the architecture of our implemented proof-of-concept system.

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