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Robust and sparse k-means clustering for high-dimensional data S. Brodinova, P. Filzmoser, T. Ortner, C. Breiteneder, M. Rohm: "Robust and sparse k-means clustering for high-dimensional data"; Advances in Data… S. Brodinova, P. Filzmoser, T. Ortner, C. Breiteneder, M. Rohm Details


Towards Eye-Friendly VR: How Bright Should It Be? Visual information plays an important part in the perception of the world around us. Recently, head-mounted displays (HMD) came to the consumer… K. Vasylevska, H. Yoo, T. Akhavan, H. Kaufmann Details
Semi-automatic post-processing of multi-view 2D-plus-depth video We propose a post-processing framework based on multiview interactive video segmentation for correcting 2D-plus-depth video footage. The suggested… B. Sespede, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz Details
Evaluation Study on Semantic Object Labelling in Street Scenes We present a processing pipeline for semantic scene labelling that was developed in view of autonomous driving applications. Our study focuses on two… A. Wittmann, M. Gelautz, F. Seitner Details


Robust k-means-based clustering for high-dimensional data We introduce a robust k-means-based clustering method for high-dimensional data where not only outliers but also a large number of noise variables… P. Filzmoser, S. Brodinova, T. Ortner, C. Breiteneder, M. Rohm Details
Body Language in Human‐Robot Interaction M. Gelautz, D. Stoeva, D. Schörkhuber Details


Semantic Labelling of Objects in Street Scenes An automatic and robust semantic interpretation of street scenes is required in order to improve driving assistance systems and to reach fully… A. Wittmann Details
Walkable Multi-User VR: Effects of Physical and Virtual Colocation The research presented in this dissertation focuses on multi-user VR, where multiple immersed users navigate the virtual world by physically walking… I. Podkosova Details