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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Temporal-Consistent Stereo Matting for High-Quality Novel View Synthesis and Visual Effects

Research project in the area of Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis.

Keywords: video processing, stereo analysis, 3D reconstruction, special effects, image matting.

About this Project

This project develops new image processing techniques for the emerging field of 3D television. On the basis of two videos that are recorded by slightly displaced cameras, we aim to extract (1) the opacity values of individual pixels, (2) a depth reconstruction of the scene and (3) the temporal relationship between the images of a sequence. The computed information can serve as the input for an autostereoscopic display that uses these results to provide the user with temporal-smooth depth impression. Moreover, our results may offer the exciting possibility to realize free-viewpoint video where the user has control over a virtual camera and can select the preferred viewpoint. To suit the needs of these applications, our focus lies on generating results of high quality that outperform the current state of the art. Due to addressing the image matting problem, we will also be able to handle fuzzy and hairy objects that are traditionally difficult in image processing.

Funding provided by

WWTF Wiener Wissenschafts-, Forschu und Technologiefonds

Additional Information

The project has been funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) through project ICT08-019.


Principal Investigator: Margrit Gelautz

Postdoctoral Researchers: Michael Bleyer, Christoph Rhemann

Partner: Carsten Rother (Microsoft Research)

Results / Publications


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