Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Interactive Video Segmentation via Efficient Filtering

By Nicole Brosch, Asmaa Hosni, Christoph Rhemann, and Margrit Gelautz


In [2], we present a fast, interactive segmentation and matting framework for videos. It is based on recent work [5] that recovers high-quality segmentations by smoothing cost maps. Our main contribution is to extend [5] to the temporal domain, as [5] was intended for single images and does not achieve temporally coherent results for videos. Our results are temporally coherent. The binary segmentation can be further refined in a fast, tempo- rally coherent alpha matting step.


N. Brosch, A. Hosni, C. Rhemann, M. Gelautz: "Interactive Video Segmentation via Efficient Filtering"; Poster: International Computer Vision Summer School 2012, Sicily, Italy; 07-15-2012 - 07-21-2012.

Additional Information

[2]: Spatio-temporally Coherent Interactive Video Object Segmentation via Efficient Filtering


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