ATTENTION: This is a web archive! The IMS Group was split up in 2018 and does not exist anymore. Recent work of former members can be found at the VR/AR Group and the Computer Vision Group.

Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Conceptional Development of image recognition engine for outdoor 3D objects on smartphones

Research project in the area of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Keywords: Mobile Tracking, Large Scale Tracking, 3D Outdoor Object Recognition, SLAM.

About this Project

The goal of this project is not only to track, but also to recognize 3 dimensional structures in open space with the use of devices like smartphones or tablets. Visual cues as well as sensor data are going to be combined to fulfill this task.

The system will be designed specially to work with facades of public buildings throughout the whole year. Thus issues like varying lightning condition, occlusions and different viewing angles have to be considered in order to extract time-independent robust features.  The expected accuracy of this large scale tracking should allow 3D real-time video augmentation with all kind of visual content.


Funding provided by

Wikitude GmbH