Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Lukas Diem

Dipl.-Ing. BSc — Position: Lecturer, Projektmitarbeiter


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Model-based Video Content Representation Recurring visual elements in videos commonly represent central content entities, such as main characters and dominant objects. The automated… L. Diem, M. Zaharieva Details
Video Content Representation Using Recurring Regions Detection In this work we present an approach for video content representation based on the detection of recurring visual elements or regions. We hypothesize… L. Diem, M. Zaharieva Details


MIS @ Retrieving Diverse Social Images Task 2015 In this paper, we describe our approach for the MediaEval 2015 Retrieving Diverse Social Images Task. The proposed approach exploits available… M. Zaharieva, L. Diem Details
Interpretable Video Representation The immense amount of available video data poses novel requirements for video representation approaches by means of focusing on central and relevant… L. Diem, M. Zaharieva Details