Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Min Kyung Lee

MSc PhD — Position: PostDoc Researcher


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0602 Gesture Interaction with a mobile AR controller In this project, a student needs to work on a gesture interface design which enables users to great their own gesture. This will make a… M. Lee, H. Kaufmann Details
0601 Evaluation of an AR controller with objective quality measurements The aim of the project is to build a system which can measure objective quality parameters of an IMU enabled controller with available technological… M. Lee, H. Kaufmann Details


0586 Prototypical Widget Library This topic is focused on personalized UI implementation on Unity 3D for AR/VR environment. Effective UI implementation has been a challenging problem… M. Lee, H. Kaufmann Details
0585 Investigating 3D Interaction for Real-World Mixed Reality This master thesis focus on investigating 3D interaction within mixed reality. The research focus on developing fundamental 3D interaction techniques… M. Lee, H. Kaufmann Details