Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Emanuel Vonach

Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Bakk. — Position: Research Assistant


Office 1040 Wien, Favoritenstrasse 9-11 Room HE0406 Map
Office Hours by appointment
Phone +43-1-58801-188053

This Semester: Winter 2016

188.912 UE Multimedia Media processing, multimedia programming, and mobile programming by E. Vonach, M. Schüller, R. Barta, S. Fraiss, N. Grossmann, C. Breiteneder Details

Last Semester: Summer 2016

188.461 LU Multimedia Interfaces Development of multi media User Interfaces by C. Breiteneder, G. Gerstweiler, E. Vonach, C. Schönauer Details
188.460 VO Multimedia Interfaces Special lecture about multimedia based and non conventional user interfaces. by C. Schönauer, G. Gerstweiler, E. Vonach Details