Interactive Media Systems, TU Vienna

Emanuel Vonach

Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Bakk. — Position: Research Assistant


Office 1040 Wien, Favoritenstrasse 9-11 Room HE0406 Map
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0505 VRGroup - Rhino Plugin for Robot Arm Control A plugin for the scripting language rhino should be implemented to allow easy and direct control of the collaborative robot arm Franka. E. Vonach Details
0496 VRGroup - Virtualizer as Gamecontroller The Cyberith Virtualizer should be integrated as analog gamecontroller in Windows. E. Vonach Details
0495 VRGroup - Gait Estimation from sparse Motion Data In a Virtual Reality scenario the animation of the user's avatar contributes a lot to the feeling of immersion. Employing a full body motion capture… E. Vonach Details
0424 VRGroup - Hybrid finger/motion tracking and haptic feedback In a virtual reality scenario with haptic feedback, precise hand and finger tracking is important. Current solutions either employ relative tracking… E. Vonach Details
0422 VRGroup - Open source camera calibration tool The process of calibrating a camera with fisheye lense has to be addressed via GUI in such a way, that no special computer science knowhow is… E. Vonach Details

In Progress

0506 Virtual Reality zum Anfassen Der Controller für einen Roboterarm soll auf Basis verschiedener existierender Libraries entwickelt werden und weiters eine direkte Anbindung an die… E. Vonach Details
0326 Alternative Tracking for ACTOs An alternative tracking method should be developed for Actuated Tangible User Interface Objects (ACTOs). E. Vonach Details
0325 Speckle Sensor for ACTOs Actuated Tangible User Interface Objects (ACTOs) should be equipped with a self-tracked motor unit. E. Vonach Details


0423 Spielbasiertes Gesundheitsmonitoring mit Tangible User Interface Objects Die Interaktion zwischen Menschen und medizinischen Diagnose- bzw. Aufzeichnungsgeräten läuft meist nach strikten Mustern ab. Das ärztliche… E. Vonach Details