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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

imsNUKE - PostNuke and Document Juggler Combined

Lab Project.

Keywords: Content Management, Portal, PHP, MySQL.

About this Project

imsNUKE is a content management system concentrating on structured, documentbased content. It combines the webportal-feature of Post-Nuke with the document-feature of Document Juggler.

Additional Information

What are the key features of imsNUKE?

  • imsNUKE uses the kernel of Post-Nuke 0.64 so it comes with all the standard features that are implemented in this package, such as extension modules, themes, and multi-language support.
  • With Document Juggler as a module you can manage all your documents in a hierarchical Table of Contents (ToC). The content of each document can be edited easily with a user-friendly interface. Furthermore you can add images, tables and links to your document. If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.5 or above you can also edit your content using a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor which works like a common textprocessing software. By option you can allow users to post comments to every document.
  • imsNUKE also comes with two pre-installed Post-Nuke modules. A highly customizable bulletin board based on phpBB and an EventCalendar.

Requirements: Unix- or Windows-based webserver with PHP 4.0.1+ and a MySQL database.

What is Post-Nuke?

Post-Nuke is an open source, open developement content management system (CMS). Post-Nuke started as a fork from PHP-Nuke and provides many enhancements and improvements over the PHP-Nuke system. Post-Nuke is currently in the early stages of developement.

What is Document Juggler?

Document Juggler is a PHP application to create dynamic MySQL-based help, reference or documentation pages on any topics. Main features: submit, update and manage documentation tree hierarchy; create multiple documents threads; full control and flexible removal, update and editing of your documentary system; adding pictures and html to your dynamic helppages.