Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Biological Model for Information Retrieval

By Moheb R. Girgis, Abdelmgeid A. Aly, Bahgat A. Abdel Latef, and Boutros El-Gamil


Heuristic methods based on biological aspects have been successfully used in many computer science areas of research, including information retrieval (IR). This let us ask: why there is no biological environment for the problem of information retrieval. In this paper, we tried to introduce a new biological environment and model for information retrieval that broad the modeling concept from the mathematical formula that simulates the basic elements of IR problem to their dual schemas in biology. It’s a new way of thinking of, and dealing with, the problem of information retrieval.


M. R. Girgis, A. A. Aly, B. A. Abdel Latef, B. R. El-Gamil; "Biological Model for Information Retrieval"; Journal of Digital Information Management, JDIM, special issue; June, 2007