Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Gigabit Ethernet-based Parallel Video Processing

By Horst Eidenberger


This paper describes solutions for parallel video processing based on LAN-connected PC-like workstations. We outline application scenarios for the processing of video with broadcast TV resolution and promising areas for future research. Additionally, we describe a prototype system implemented in our workgroup. This Network-of-Workstations is based on Gigabit Ethernet, free Java software and standard network protocols. Video data is streamed to and from processing hosts using IP multicast and the Real-time Transfer Protocol. Control mechanisms are based on network file sharing. In comparison to related approaches, our system makes use of high-performance network hardware and open source software. In consequence, our system is easier to implement, cheaper and more flexible than, for example, highly integrated commercial solutions.


H. Eidenberger: "Gigabit Ethernet-based Parallel Video Processing"; Talk: IEEE Multimedia Modelling Conference, Melbourne, Australien; 01-12-2005 - 01-14-2005; in: "IEEE Multimedia Modelling Conference", (2005).


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