Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Motion Adaptive Intra Refresh for Low-Delay Video Coding

By Ralf Michael Schreier and Albrecht Rothermel


An intra refresh algorithm is presented which enables low-delay video communication at the efficiency of standard IP-coding schemes. It guarantees a complete recovery of erroneous transmission within a defined time interval at low computational complexity.


R. Schreier, A. Rothermel: "Motion Adaptive Intra Refresh for Low-Delay Video Coding"; Talk: International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), Las Vegas, USA; 01-07-2006 - 01-11-2006; in: "Digest of Technical Papers IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, 2006. ICCE '06. 2006", IEEE, (2006), ISBN: 0-7803-9459-3; 453 - 454.


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