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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

MHB-F Specification

By Andreas Seyfang and Katharina Kaiser


MHB-F stands for Many-Headed Bridge, Free-text version. It is an intermediate representation tailored to the modelling of clinical guidelines or protocols. It is based on XML and represents the knowledge as a set of chunks, each containing a piece of information. The various aspects of each chunk are grouped into dimensions ranging from control structure to resource requirements. Breaking the original knowledge format (i.e., source document) into such chunks and marking them up along the various dimensions facilitates the later creation of more formal and more complex models, thus building a bridge between the latter and the original document. The design of MHB-F builds on MHB, which was used in two EU projects. The further developments consist of a split into a free-text version, MHB-F, and a semantically enriched version, MHB-S. Under the new modelling scheme, the original free-text is first translated to MHB-F. Then, the MHB-F model is translated to MHB-S. This lowers the barriers for non-IT persons to join the modelling process in the first step, and it clarifies the phases of MHB modelling which were tacit in the original MHB modelling process.


A. Seyfang, K. Kaiser: "MHB-F Specification"; Report for Institute of Software Technology & Interactive Systems; Report No. Asgaard-TR-2011-1, 2011; 18 pages.


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