Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Kontrollflusstransformation von BPMN zu Asbru

Thesis by Thomas Tschach

Supervision by Horst Eidenberger and Katharina Kaiser


BPMN is a well known and understandable, graphical process description language for business processes and is supported by a variety of modelling tools, while Asbru is an XML based description language for executable clinical guidelines, which is supported only by a few graphical modelling tools. Through defining a model transformation between BPMN and Asbru, the standardized and through matured tools good supported and well known BPMN notation could be used to model clinical guidelines or treatment plans in Asbru. Since both notations use different paradigms to represent the control flow, some problems have to be considered to get a correct transformation system. The aim of this thesis is to show these problems and find solutions in similar scientific areas. So we (1) discus transformation strategies, which solve these transformation problems on concrete transformation processes between a variety of graph-oriented process description languages to BPEL. Another topic covered here is (2) which and how control-flow patterns are supported by BPMN and Asbru, to discover possible mismatches. Then a (3) mapping is defined to map BPMN elements to semantic equivalent Asbru elements. Afterwards (4) an appropriate transformation strategy out of the strategies introduced above is selected to be implemented in a BPMN-to-Asbru transformation system. Then the (5) implemented transformation system is described based on translation of the control-flow patterns. The achieved results could be used to implement a transformation process between BPMN and Asbru, as it is done in the described prototype.


T. Tschach: "Kontrollflusstransformation von BPMN zu Asbru"; Supervisor: H. Eidenberger, K. Kaiser; Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme, 2013.


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