Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

A new styling for the TU information systems


About This Topic

Develop from scratch a new user interface kit for the TU information systems. Requirements include (1) applicability for JavaEE with PrimeFaces (+ guidelines for the replacement of the few TISS-specific widgets by standard widgets) as well as of the stylesheets for Ruby on Rails applications; (2) technical basing on CSS and related standards; (3) state of the art usability on desktop computers as well as mobile devices + the predominant browsers; (4) provision of a statics library with icons for the major graphical elements; (5) provision of a well-documented showcase for programmers; (6) extended user testing for usability according to the relevant ISO norms. If not done as a diploma thesis, the topic is suitable for groups of students. Requires good knowledge in UI design and a talent for visual design.