Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Hannes Kaufmann

Priv.Doz. Mag. Dr. — Position: Assoc. Professor


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This Semester: Winter 2020

188.913 UE Virtual and Augmented Reality Based on three smaller assignments the understanding of object tracking, virtual reality environments, 3D interaction and networking in distributed… by I. Podkosova, H. Kaufmann, Tiare Feuchtner Details
188.369 VO Virtual and Augmented Reality Introductory Meeting (VO + UE) on 1.10.2018 at 10:00 until approx. 10:45 in Zemanek HS! Right after the introductory meeting, the course will start.… by H. Kaufmann Details

Last Semester: Summer 2020

188.179 SE PhD Seminar To improve skills in scientific working and presentation at an advanced level. by H. Kaufmann, M. Gelautz Details
188.231 SE Seminar on Media Informatics To get acquainted with scientific literature and methodology. by H. Kaufmann, M. Gelautz Details