ATTENTION: This is a web archive! The IMS Group was split up in 2018 and does not exist anymore. Recent work of former members can be found at the VR/AR Group and the Computer Vision Group.

Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Computational Perception

Research project in the area of Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis.

Keywords: Multimodal Scene Perception, Visual Attention and Human Behavior, Object recognition.

About this Project

The perception, interpretation and presentation of our environment using sensors and computer technology, in combination with related communication and visualization techniques, present research challenges of high importance and growing impact on our society. The Doctoral College on Computational Perception combines the expertise provided by three different departments at TU Vienna - Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Informatics, Mathematics and Geoinformation - to address such complex research questions in a multi-disciplinary approach.

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TU Wien

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Doctoral College at TU Vienna

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