Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

A Multi-purpose virtual model of the solar system

Thesis by Georg Zotti

Supervision by Michael Gervautz


For centuries, astronomers have presented their research results about the structure of the Solar System with models. Most of them were small and provided an outside look onto the Solar System. Developments in Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality environments, and space exploration make it possible for a user to see the Solar System as though he was ying through space in an admittedly physically impossible super-lightspeed spacecraft and visit the planets close-up, or, see the components of the Solar System (the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets) from the distance to get a feeling of the structure at a glance. Depending on hardware setup, this can be done on a single high-end PC desktop with keyboard control or may include a stereo projection, or head mounted displays and head tracking with interaction via specially designed user interface tools.


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