Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Studierstube Render Array - A Seamless Tiled Display

Thesis by Gottfried Eibner

Supervision by Dieter Schmalstieg


High-end rendering systems have provided the computer graphics community over a long period with high resolution graphics at high frame rates, allowing to build up large tiled displays. But with the increasing performance of commodity computer and graphics hardware we are able to build such large displays without the costs of high-end rendering systems. The key concept is to build an inexpensive large tiled display for interactive 3D graphics, composed of multiple overlapping projections, driven by a PC based rendering cluster. In this thesis we will show how to build up a tiled display from scratch using oblique projectors to display high-resolution scenery. Each projector is driven by a PC. The PCs are connected to form a network that is capable to share and distribute data and scenery content. All projected images together form a large high-resolution tiled display. To run the tiled display and compensate distortion coming from oblique projection, we have implemented a software to calibrate the projectors and find their relative poses. The software package undistorts oblique projectors used for the tiled display and generates blending masks for overlapping projection areas. Both undistortion and blending masks are used to run a seamless tiled display. While undistortion guarantees the continuity of geometry displayed by different projectors, blending masks make overlapping regions appear seamless and equally bright. Without blending masks overlapping regions would appear brighter than the other regions. This would lead to regions of different brightness.


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