Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

XML Databases for Augmented Reality

Thesis by Werner Frieb

Supervision by Dieter Schmalstieg


The application of XML, an upcoming storage and communication format, requires an appropriate organisational system, if a certain quantity of document entities is exceeded. Generally, this can be best accomplished by employing a database system, which is targeted towards this technology, namely an XML Database. This master thesis implements such a system for the Interactive Media Systems Group at Vienna University of Technology. Starting from the choice of three candidate databases, we have selected the one, which is best complying with the requirements of the Institute. According to the Client/Server architecture, we have installed and set up a central database server as a common storage system. The client applications accessing this database are part of Studierstube, an Augmented Reality system, which is the current research project of the group. In order to seamlessly integrate the XML database technology into Studierstube applications, we have designed and implemented a programming interface, which provides access to the database using XML query languages like XPath and XQuery. Finally, the implementation of the system was tested by means of a sample application, which processes XML documents stored in the database.


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