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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Collaborative Augmented Reality in Education

By Hannes Kaufmann


Technological advances enable the use of innovative learning tools for education. This work gives a brief insight into the potential and challenges of using collaborative Augmented Reality (AR) in education within the greater context of immersive virtual learning environments. As an example the experiences made during the development of a collaborative AR application specifically designed for mathematics and geometry education called Construct3D are summarized. Construct3D is based on the mobile collaborative AR system "Studierstube". We describe our efforts in developing a system for the improvement of spatial abilities and maximization of transfer of learning. Means of application and integration in mathematics and geometry education at high school as well as university level are being discussed. Anecdotal evidence supports our claim that Construct3D is easy to learn, encourages experimentation with geometric constructions and improves spatial skills.


H. Kaufmann: "Collaborative Augmented Reality in Education"; in: "Imagina Conference 2003", issued by: Imagina; Monaco Mediax, Monaco, 2003, (invited).


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