Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Data Management Strategies for Mobile Augmented Reality

By Gerhard Reitmayr


Any significant real-world application of mobile augmented reality will require a large model of location-bound data. While it may appear that a natural approach is to develop application-specific data formats and management strategies, we have found that such an approach actually prevents reuse of the data and ultimately produces additional complexity in developing the application. In contrast we describe a three-tier architecture to manage a common data model for a set of applications. It is inspired by current Internet application frameworks and consists of a central storage layer using a common data model, a transformation layer responsible for filtering and adapting the data to the requirements of a particular applications on request, and finally of the applications itself. We demonstrate our architecture in a scenario consisting of two multi-user capable mobile AR applications for collaborative navigation and annotation in a city environment.


G. Reitmayr: "Data Management Strategies for Mobile Augmented Reality"; Talk: International Workshop on Software Technology for Augmented Reality Systems, Tokyo, Japan; 10-07-2003.


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