Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Location Based Applications for Mobile Augmented Reality

By Gerhard Reitmayr


In this work we investigate building indoor location based applications for a mobile augmented reality system. We believe that augmented reality is a natural interface to visualize spacial information such as position or direction of locations and objects for location based applications that process and present information based on the user’s position in the real world. To enable such applications we construct an indoor tracking system that covers a substantial part of a building. It is based on visual tracking of fiducial markers enhanced with an inertial sensor for fast rotational updates. To scale such a system to a whole building we introduce a space partitioning scheme to reuse fiducial markers throughout the environment. Finally we demonstrate two location based applications built upon this facility, an indoor navigation aid and a library search application.


G. Reitmayr: "Location Based Applications for Mobile Augmented Reality"; Talk: Australasian User Interface Conference, Adelaide, Australia; 02-04-2003 - 02-07-2003.


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