Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Hybrid User Interfaces Using Seamless Tiled Displays

By Dieter Schmalstieg and G. Eibner


Hybrid user interfaces combine different ways of presenting information, such as desktop, projection, or head mounted displays, and turn an instrumented environment into a ubiquitous computing environment. Seamless tiled displays combine multiple inexpensive projectors to create very large display surfaces. In this work, we attempt to bridge the gap between these two technologies by creating a software for real-time cluster rendering, which can create a hybrid user interface that makes use of seamless tiled displays as one of its presentation forms.


D. Schmalstieg, G. Eibner: "Hybrid User Interfaces Using Seamless Tiled Displays"; in: "Proc. of 8th Immersive Projection Technology Workshop (IPT 2004)", ACM Press, Ames, IA, USA, 2004.


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