Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Computer Generated Stereoscopic Artwork

By Efstathios Stavrakis and Margrit Gelautz


The focus of this work is to investigate and simulate artistic techniques in stereoscopy that go beyond stereo photography, such as stereoscopic painting. We briefly discuss the topic from a stereo artist´s perspective and map some of our observations from traditional stereo techniques to the scientific domain, where we use them to tackle technical tasks involved in the generation of stereo artwork. We describe a framework that we use in our stereoscopic image-based non-photorealistic rendering algorithms, but it can be adopted by other single-view artistic image synthesis techniques in order to generate stereoscopic output.


E. Stavrakis, M. Gelautz: "Computer Generated Stereoscopic Artwork"; Talk: EG Workshop on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging, Girona, Spain; 05-18-2005 - 05-20-2005; in: "Proceedings of Eurographics Wrokshop on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging", Eurographics, (2005), ISSN: 1816-0859; 143 - 149.


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